Remember Me by D. E. White

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Remember Me by D. E. White

Remember Me  by D. E. White

Remember Me  by D.E. White  Published:  February 6, 2019 by HQ Digital/Harper Collins  Genre/Category: Mystery & Thrillers   Read For:   NetGalley Review  ⭐️⭐️⭐️  3  stars   Book synopsis from Amazon: Fifteen years ago, Ellen Smith vanished from the woods near her small Welsh village. Never to be seen again.  Eight people were in the woods that night: eight splintered lives, eight people hiding a terrible secret. But who can remember the truth?  Now, Ellen’s best friend, Detective Ava Cole is all grown up back in the village where it all began, and everyone is asking the same question.  What really happened to Ellen?  Filled

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